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JGH Consulting, led by Greg Hicks, provides M&A advisory services in a wide range of industries. Our firm represents motivated Sellers from small to middle-market companies with gross revenues of $3M-$250M. We take great pride in leveraging our years of industry knowledge, expertise, and Buyer network to help maximize your company’s value.

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Our knowledgeable and experienced team have over 75 years of experience helping owners sell their businesses. We have successfully advised on $2B worth of M&A transactions just in the past twelve months.


At JGH Consulting, we pride ourselves on providing clients with the highest level of service and expertise. Our team of CPAs, analysts, and financial experts deliver high-quality, strategic advice, and guide clients through each step of the transaction process. Our team is well versed in gathering all of your financial reports to get into the right format to maximize a potential sale. Our upfront work yields on average a higher transactional value by 30%. This ensures top value and eases the workload and stress through the due diligence process all the way to close. We also assist to ensure that the allocation of assets will net you the most dollars after taxation factors.

We work daily with business owners to maximize their company valuation and put them in front of the right private equity groups, family offices, and publicly traded companies across the country.

Through our network, we can ensure the marketing of your company is a competitive process that our team leads you through every step of the way. Most business owners only go through this process once in their lifetime, and we want our clients to maximize the total potential of their company and transaction.

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We stand behind our work

We are one of the only advisory firms that stands by our success rate by not charging an upfront retainer fee.
We are one of the only firms that charge a minimal percentage fee of the transaction at close with no money owed if you choose not to sell after reviewing all offers.

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Did you know…

On average, nearly half of all M&A transactions will fall out during the process without the guidance of a highly experienced advisory team. This is where JGH Consulting comes in. Our team of top financial advisors help do the heavy lifting, gather financials with the Seller, and maximize their company’s value.

Many owners do not realize what they are leaving on the table without having someone who specializes in this area to represent them. Our firm has seen an average of 30% higher transaction values for our Sellers by representing them than if they went direct to the Buyer independently.

Satisfied Sellers Say it Best

Rhonda Laufer

Vice President

This team of professionals are the hardest working advocates a seller/buyer could desire. Their ethics and efficiency drove our experience with flawless results. We could pick up that phone at any time to receive needed advisory in minutes from Greg, and his entire team. They have “earned” our trust without reservation. We are forever grateful for our business relationship with your firm.

Steve Wall


Absolutely incredible organization!  Top to bottom professionalism!  Your team helped provide my family with the financial security earned through years of hard work with an incredible team. Honestly, we would not have made it through our transition without you. Thank You!

Kindra Smith

Business Owner

I cannot give enough positive feedback for Greg and his team, including JGH’s strategic partner Nichols Cauley. Their personal service delivered with professional experience and guidance is simply priceless. I would advise any individual considering selling their business to go through this process with Greg and his team. At the very least, you will be a better business owner as a result of the experience; at the very best, you are in the best possible financial situation.

David Perry


Outstanding Professional Service with a great team support. They provided me direction and assisted me with many decisions needed in the process of my M&A transaction. I would recommend Greg and his team to anyone needing a professional team.

Dan Vincent


Simply amazing. This was something new for us but Greg and the entire Team helped us better understand the processes and tactical implementations to satisfy (and exceed) the buyer’s expectations. We would have been lost and totally at the mercy of the buyer without their help. The end product was worth waiting for and we most emphatically recommend this team.

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Now is the time to

make a move!


Capital gains taxes will likely increase soon.

Interest rates are low and will likely increase. Upon increasing interest rates valuations will go down.

There will be fewer buyers when these market conditions change. Get the best value for your business now.

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How We Help Sellers



Your company information and sales process stays confidential. Potential buyers are hand-picked, and we never send listings to mass audiences. This also helps protect the value of your company should you decide to wait to sell to mass audiences.


Your business is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Our approach of multiple bids for purchase highly increases your chance of obtaining top market dollar. Our team’s expertise will also allow you to better evaluate your offers.


From start to finish, our team walks you through every piece of the process with a hands-on approach. We help guide each step from gathering and analyzing financials to preparing you to meet with potential Buyers. You’re the expert in building your business. Let our team of highly qualified M&A professionals teach you how to sell it and get you through the closing process.