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Acquisition Financing
We have a deep understanding of the capital needs of insurance agents. Whether you are looking to refinance debt, need working capital for expansion plans or need to raise funds for an acquisition target, financial consulting advice from Insurance Merger Specialists can save you significant time and money. GUARANTEED!

Capital Assistance Explained

Navigating the commercial loan process can be a tricky endeavor. While some agents may have experience with getting a business loan, a large percentage of insurance agency owners we speak with only have experience in obtaining a home mortgage or vehicle loan.

These types of banking transactions can vary dramatically from obtaining financing on an insurance agency.

Traditional banking outlets, such as your hometown bank, typically do not like to extend credit to an insurance agency because a significant percentage of the business’s value is intangible.

Often, local bankers claim to be able to do SBA loans, but the loan officers themselves actually have little or no experience in completing SBA 7a acquisition loans.

We understand all the loan programs that are available today for acquisition and agency finance purposes. Our vast knowledge of multiple lenders helps you obtain the easiest route to financing and ensuring the best rate, terms and fee structures for your needs.

The reality is that there are only a handful of lenders nationwide that understand the insurance business.

Each one of these lenders has specific guidelines and underwriting processes that dictate the limitations on what they can do. One lender may be the best option for a certain scenario, and a poor option for another. Working with an experienced financing consultant can save you considerable time, money, and frustration.

Let IMS Help You Select the Right Lender

With years of experience, we understand the pros and cons of each available lender, their underwriting guidelines and requirements, and we what it takes to close a loan. We have completed transactions with nearly everyone that specializes in lending to independent insurance agents and, in many cases, our firm has provided valuation services for them as well.

JHG Consulting will assist you in putting together a financing package, help you find the right capital partner, and navigate you through the process. We can also provide considerable value during the negotiation of loan terms and financial covenants, which saves you money and aggravation as some loan covenants can restrict your ability to run your business.

Loan Consultation Process

Loan Consultation Process

Put our knowledge and understanding of the lending process to work for your best interest. Our team along with our partner accountants can help get all of your financial requirements into loan approval order. The lending approval process can be the most complicated part of M & A transactions. We understand the lenders required financial formats, underwriting, fee structures, and time lines. We make this process quick and less stressful at no additional cost to the buyer.


Schedule a call so that we can obtain high-level details on your insurance agency and determine what you are looking to accomplish both short and long term.

Data Collection & Analysis

We will assist in getting your required documentation together for loan purposes. We assist in putting your P&L’s, adjusted P&L’s, working capital requirements, and securing the proper loan amount. All these factors help to ensure a successful and proper acquisition.

Review Available Options

Once the profile is complete, we will discuss the options available to you and work directly with the lenders to obtain quotes for your capital need.

Choosing the right loan program and lender that specializes in M&A Insurance broker transactions is critical. Choosing the wrong lender can cost thousands of dollars in higher rates and additional lender fees. Let us help you save and reduce major stress of lender requirements.

Underwriting Approval

Underwriting can be full of conditions and additional required documentation. We gather all of your required documentation to review and will head off any concerns prior to underwriting. With our knowledge and financial background we can help take the nightmare out of the loan process.


Finally, we will help you review the loan documents so that you understand the terms and your post-closing obligations.

Our attorney specializes in closing M & A transactions only. We guarantee a smooth, quick, and timely closing.

Now is the time to make a move

Today’s environment of growing through acquisition has been created through the ease of access of capital and low interest rates. This environment will not last forever as interest rates increase over time valuations will drop and fewer buyers will exist. This market has created a perfect storm for obtaining the highest multiple for your agency.