Selling An Insurance Agency Has Never Been So Straightforward

Our goal is to understand your emotional needs, employee concerns, and financial goals. Let us help you pick the right buyer that meets or exceeds all of your expectations while maximizing your agency value.

The Time-Tested Process That Works


We understand that selling your agency is more than just a business transaction. It is your hard earned life’s work. This is an emotional time. We want to discuss the ins and outs of your agency so that we understand your goals of a successful sale. This includes sales price expectation, employee retention, and exit strategy.

  • Goals Alignment Discussions
  • Agency Valuation
  • Execution Strategy


This is one of the most important parts in the sales process. This is where our team helps align your financial records, profit and loss statements, management reports, correct add backs to your balance sheets to increase and ensure maximum value received.

  • Our Team involvement in compiling of financial records and reports
    Laying out expectations for your current employees further employment
    Create an informative and correct pitchbook for marketing

Take it to Market

Insurance Merger Specialists’ buyer drip and marketing campaign reach as many as 12,000 potential buyers. This system makes certain that the right buyer that fits your agency, that your staff are handled the way you see fit, and that you did not leave money on the table by just getting one offer. Most of all, we want to protect your good name and reputation through our buyer selection process. All interested parties are vetted and have fully executed an NDA to secure your privacy and agency assets.

  • Multiple Bids Received
    Interview with multiple, qualified buyers to see who fits well with you and your staff


The only way to guarantee that you choose the correct buyer and the highest price is through letting the market bid on your agency. An agency is worth what someone will pay for it. We understand the standard valuation formula that are used in pricing agencies. Our bidding process allows multiple bids to establish that you receive top dollar. If an owner sells to a buyer on a one on one process using standard valuation formulas there is a great chance that you sell your agency for a great deal less than you could have. You do not give yourself the best options for the handling of your life work and employee’s succession. Our bid process gives you multiple options.

  • Qualify and disclose buyers
    Meet with buyers and field questions
    Review and negotiate offers


After you have reviewed and understand multiple offers that will be supplied to you through a letter of intent and determine the buyer you wish to sell to, you will then go under contract. We ensure that the buyer is pre-qualified and capable of closing this deal saving wasted time on an unqualified buyer. The buyer will do their due diligence during this period, review and verify the information that we have provided in your pitchbook. All issues and questions will be addressed during this time.

  • Complete due diligence
  • Negotiate purchase contract
  • Complete closing requirements


The closing package will be prepared by a closing attorney. We will have already explained the documents to be signed prior to closing. The attorney will also explain the documents to both parties before signing. The closing will happen electronically, the ease of doing business is key. Insurance Merger Specialists will be with you every step of the way.

  • Review closing documents & prepare schedules
  • Execute closing documents
  • Assist buyer or seller through transition