Sell Your Agency & know that

Your Team, Work, and Good Name Will Be Cherished

Selling an agency is a highly emotional process. The agency you are selling has provided income for your family, paid for your home and car, helped raise your kids, provided a life of independence, and supported your employees.

It is imperative to interview multiple offers to choose the right buyer that will take care of your hard work and employees.

Now Is The Time To Sell Your Insurance Agency

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Average age of independent insurance brokers is 60 years old.

Most common statement made is I am going to sell in 3 to 4 years. We are all aware that basic market knowledge models price on supply and demand. If everyone sells in 3 to 4 years, the supply of agencies will go up and possibly drive prices down.

Today’s market has never been hotter due to the availability of capital with the rates as low as we have ever seen and the amount of capital available presents a favorable selling environment. If capital dries up and rates go up the environment will flip to the opposite side making it harder for the buyers to qualify and obtain capital.

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If the answer is no, then your agency is continuously shrinking.

For example, if your agency is a 2M dollar premium today and was a 2M dollar premium two years ago, then your agency has shrunk in size.

How? Simple, over the last three years, carriers have increased rates driving the premium up, which means if you have not increased with the premium rate increases and have remained the same, then you have gotten smaller.

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The internet isn’t going away, but the job of most insurance agents is.

Where will insurance sales be in five years? How about then? Are you willing to bet your life’s work that everything is going to stay the same?

Satisfied Customers Say It Best


Ladd Bratcher


Greg and Amanda Hicks have assembled a team of professionals with a turnkey process. They walk you through the complicated details of the purchase or sell of an agency. I have endorsed Insurance Merger Specialists , LLC for my network of agencies. I highly recommend you give them a call. |

Steve Kauger


My agency may not be the biggest, but when it came to selling, I was not sure how to handle it. Greg and Amanda made the process very simple for me. Their partner accountants helped me with getting my financials in order and helped with the allocation of assets for my tax benefit. I had spoken with another broker in the past, but when I spoke with Greg, I knew he was going to be able to help me. In fact, I still speak with him today and refer anyone I know to Insurance Merger Specialists.

Kauger Insurance 

Jeff Hair

President & Commercial Producer

I'm not sure how anyone can buy or sell an agency without having people like Greg, Amanda and Jeff involved.

Buying or selling an agency of any size is very complex.  Greg and Amanda made the process as painless as possible.  Their in depth knowledge and experience of the insurance agency business model greatly helped both myself and the Seller. I won't do another deal without these guys.

Michael Glick


Beyond 5 star firm! I have worked with Greg and Amanda Hicks for the last 13 months during the sale of my business.

They are absolutely the best in the business! I highly recommend using this firm, if you are looking to sell your business.

Saundra K. Carney

President, Agent, and Owner Licensed in: NC, SC, GA, VA, TN, TX

Greg and Amanda Hicks, the owners of this company, are great folks to work with if you’re interested in merging your agency with another company...They all worked with me through the entire process. I really could not imagine any other company being better then these folks.

C. Merediethe (Mert) Adams Jr.


Greg and his team guide you through the difficult maze of selling your agency. I couldn’t be happier with the job they have done!

Adams Insurance Agency

How We Help Sellers

Due Diligence

Our advisors have been involved in retail and wholesale insurance agencies,  brokerages, managing general agencies, and program administrators. This experience gives our team extensive knowledge of insurance agency operations and the due diligence process involved with an acquisition.

Financial Review and Compilation

Our Partner M&A Accountants will review and discuss any concerns that may hold up lender approval for the buyer. We will help you compile and format your financials with the correct add-backs, creating a pro forma to give to the potential buyers and lender. These efforts will cut time in due diligence for buyer, and ensure a smooth transaction for both parties.

Agency Valuations

Ultimately, your agency is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Our approach of multiple bids for purchase highly increases your chance of obtaining top market dollar.

Pitch Decks

After compiling all your financial information, make-up of book, carrier contracts, and all add-backs to your P & L we present to market with a very detailed and professional look into your agency. This step ensures highest bids and gives buyers a look of values that they do not see under normal listings. Our pitchbooks minimizes due diligence concerns and increases our contract to close ratio by more than 20%.

Obtain multiple bids for your agency to ensure top market value along with the right buyer that will handle agency & employees going forward.
Our knowledgeable and experienced team have over 75 years of independent agency, property & casualty consulting and banking/lending experience.